Enter Maths Eyes Poster Competition 2019

Thank you for all your entries! Shortlisted winners will be announced on Thursday 27th February 2020 at 5pm

Entrants create a Maths Eyes style poster using a photograph taken in their local area and an accompanying tagline highlighting the mathematics that they have seen in the photo using their maths eyes.

You are encouraged to use technology to enhance your poster to make your maths more visible

Why not check out our short video to guide you to make the best entry possible.


Think of a ‘tag line’ to put with your photo (remember to save your photo as an original before making any edits) which will help others explore the Maths you discovered in the picture.


Using Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word Document (or similar) or photo editing software combine your photo and tagline to produce your Maths Eyes poster. (You could use one of the templates below).

To see how to use a Powerpoint template to assemble a poster for the Maths Eyes competition look at our Powerpoint screencast


To see how to use a Word document template to assemble a poster for the Maths Eyes competition, look at our Word screencast


Download Maths Eyes Templates







Save your poster as Powerpoint file, Word Document, PDF file or PhotoShop file using the following naming format.
The name of your Poster file must contain your name and date of birth in the form nameDDMMYYY.

For example for someone named Ciaran O’Sullivan born on 10th October 1961 the file would be named: COSullivan10101961.



Thank you for all your entries! Shortlisted winners will be announced on Thursday 27th February 2020 at 5pm


Guidelines on saving photographs and posters:

  • You should use a camera that will produce a photograph in as high a resolution as possible  (when saved the original photograph should be more than 2MB in size).
  • Save a copy of the photograph in its original format before any editing takes place. (This is important as if your entry is shortlisted you will be asked to forward a copy of the original photograph).
  • Then use your photograph to create your poster using the templates provided above or using photo editing software.
  • When you are happy with your edited poster you will save this as per the guidelines in the links that follow. (The edited poster when saved should be less than 2MB in size.)
  • You then submit your edited poster before the deadline given.
  • Remember, if shortlisted you will be asked to also submit the original high resolution photograph later so make sure you keep it somewhere safe!!!

 NB: It is very important that you adhere to the guidelines on saving photographs and edited posters files for the competition before you enter.

Posters can be submitted under one of the following categories:

  • 7 years or under (on 31st August 2019)
  • 11 years or under ( on 31st August 2019)
  • 14 years or under (on 31st August 2019)
  • 19 years or under ( on  31st August 2019)
  • Adult Education ( Open to all those currently participating in an adult education course)
  • Family/Community Group (collaboration between family members or collaboration between members of a community group)

Important Dates

  • The competition is open to everyone.
  • The maximum number of entries per individual is 3.
  • Closing date for all entries is Friday 29th  November 2019.
  • The shortlist entries will be announced on Thursday 27th  February 2020 at 5pm (The list of shortlisted entries will be available on Maths Week Ireland & HaveYouGotMathsEyes).
  • All those that are shortlisted will be invited to a celebration where all entries will be exhibited and the winners in each category will be announced.

Please note that by entering this competition you agree that your submission can remain on the website as a resource for others to use.

Queries and further information from [email protected]