Maths Eyes 2020 Competition

Entries are now closed. Shortlisted winners will be announced in February 2021.

Show your ‘Maths Eyes’ by entering one of the following two competitions
You are encouraged to use technology to enhance your poster to make your maths more visible

Guidelines for submitting an entry

Maths Eyes Poster Competition

Entrants create a Maths Eyes style poster using a photograph taken in their local area and an accompanying tagline highlighting the mathematics that they have seen in the photo using their maths eyes. This year there will be prizes for the best poster from each school in addition to our national category winners.

Entries are now closed

Family/Community Maths Eyes Projects or Initiatives Competition

If you are running a family or community maths eyes initiative tell us what you did, who was involved and send us some pictures that you took and/or posters that you developed. There are prizes for the best maths eyes family/group projects.

Entries are now closed


These competitions are a collaboration between the Maths Eyes initiative, Maths Week 2020, TU Dublin and the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Dublin West Education Centre