Explore How To Use GeoGebra


Download/access GeoGebra

Download or access GeoGebra (a free suite of software which can be used to explore mathematics) from http://www.geogebra.org/cms/.


Explore how to use GeoGebra

Discover how to import photos and use GeoGebra to investigate the mathematics in them by looking at the videos and other useful documents.

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Create your own GeoGebra file with your mathematical exploration of your photo.

Insert your photo into a GeoGebra file  and then use its powerful tools to highlight the mathematics you see in it.

Make sure that you have included text on the Graphics View section of the GeoGebra display which includes a title, your name(s) and any other information about the mathematics you have discovered in your photo that you want to share. If you expect the viewer to interact with the file using sliders etc. try to include brief instructions in a text box also.


Name your saved GeoGebra file in the correct format.

The name of your GeoGebra file must contain your name and date of birth in the form nameDDMMYYY.

For example for someone named Ciaran O’Sullivan born on 10th October 1961 the file would be named: COSullivan10101961.